Our fee for Behind the Wheel Instruction:

  • $325.00 for returning student from our 30 hour GDL Class.​ $60.00 ROAD TEST

  • $375.00 for student that took our online 30 hour GDL Course. $65.00 Road Test

  • $425.00 for non classroom student. $65.00 Road Test

  • $150.00 per hour for over 18 YOA. $60.00 Road Test

  • $50.00 fee if you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled drive.

    • ​​We are currently have a $25 fuel charge on all in car BTW Instruction



Se Habla Espanol x3

- Parking Lot maneuvers with Steering and Parking Practice

- Neighborhood Driving Skills
- Downtown Driving w/ Proper Stopping, Lane Control, and Turning Proper One Way Street Procedures
- Parallel Parking

- Blind Corner Procedures
- Higher Speed Parkway and Business Loop Driving

- Proper Traffic Light Stopping and Turning Procedures
- Proper Highway Driving and Lane Positions

- Emergency Vehicle Skills
- Proper U-Turn Procedures and Rules

- 3-Point Turn Procedures and Safety
- Round About Rules, Practices and Right Away Procedures

- Proper Yield Safety and Merging
- Safe Highway Driving Following Distances and Gap
- Proper On Ramp Acceleration and Off Ramp Deceleration Practices

- Safe Interstate Driving Rules
- Move Over Law Procedures

- Large Truck Safety and 'No Zones'

- Many other traffic laws and regulations

6 Hour Behind The Wheel - Colorado requires this instruction for any teen driver under 16 years 6 months taking the Road Test and applying for a GDL Driver's License. The 6 Hour Behind The Wheel program however is a great learning experience for any new driver. In & Out Driving School has set up a very comprehensive driving course for new drivers. This program is usually divided into two 3 hour sessions, but can be three 2 hour sessions if needed. We recommend driving with your teen about 20 to 30 hours into their 50 Hour Log time before beginning the first session. Bring them in for the first 3 hour session. After the first session, continue their log toward the end of their required year. Just before the end of their required one year, bring them back for the second 3 hour session. We will drive the more advanced portion of the program and finish with a preparation of the Drive Test. If the one year requirement has been met we can conclude with the Drive Test immediately after or as soon as the one year has been met. Our driving time will have included: