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To schedule Behind the wheel instruction, please complete the form to your left. We generally try and do two three hour sessions. We are available 7 days a week and are usually booked out approx. two to three months in advance.You must have a valid permit to sign up for in car instruction. If you lost your permit you must get a replacement prior to your appointment.

Remember, you have the full year while holding your permit to do the in car sessions.

Our prices for BTW are:

$360 for 6 hrs. for a new student (did not use us for classroom or online).

$330 for 6 hrs. for a returning student from online 30 hour class or 4 hr. driver awareness class.

$290 for 6 hrs. if the student has used us for 30 hour in person class.‚Äč

The road test which is the final step is an addition fee. The can be scheduled once your teen has held their permit for one year.

Once you submit the request we will call or email you with further information and schedules. In Gypsum, you will receive an email to you and the instructor to set dates.