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Q & A -

- At what age can my son/daughter get their permit?

 They can get their permit at 15.

- What do we need to take to the DMV to get a permit?

When you use the apply for license link at the mydmv.colorado website, this will pre register your teen for their permit and also tell you what you will need to bring with you.


- If my son/daughter is 14 yrs. 6 mo's., what do I need to do to get their permit at 15?
 They can take the 30-hour class at 14 yrs. 6 mo's., but they won’t be able to get their permit until they are 15. They can not take the written test until a month before their 15th birthday.

- How long does the class take?
 Usually the class only takes four days.  We offer weekend classes when the kids are in school and weekday classes during the summer.

- What happens after the class?
 The student will receive an document (TCS) to take to the DMV so they can get their permit.  Then they can start driving with their parents.

- How long do they carry their permit?
 They will need to carry their permit for a full year. 


​- You and your teen will need to log and track 50 hours of driving. 40 hours day and 10 hours night.

​After that year they can apply for their driver’s license.

Classroom Drivers Ed is Usually Taught by Non-Experts

Most people who teach drivers education haven’t actually devoted their careers to helping students learn driving fundamentals. They usually have other passions, but were recruited to teach students because the school didn’t really have anybody more qualified.

Since drivers ed isn’t their primary passion, these individuals don’t have enough enthusiasm about the material to really make it interesting to students. The result is a teacher who is simply going through the motions, teaching a bored class that isn’t learning effectively. At In & Out Driving School we have devoted our future to educating tomorrows leaders. Our instructors have the knowledge necessary to make this happen.

Why use In & Out Driving School classroom?

     - Actual instructor - student is not watching a computer screen for 30 hours.
     - We will administer the Colorado written test at the end of the course (if 15 yoa).
     - A local contact available to assist you throughout the process.
     - All instructors are former or current Law Enforcement, Emergency services, Military or Educators.
     - Classroom with peers to help each other.
     - Locally owned and operated
     - If you attend out 30 hour program, you will get a discount on Behind the Wheel instruction.

What is the GDL Program?

Graduated Driver's License -

The Colorado Graduated Driver's License program is designed to give new drivers responsibility that matches their experience. Many teens have been killed in collisions related to distraction and late hour driving especially after late hours. Although not directly reflected in the current restrictions, late hour fatalities increase on Friday and Saturday nights. These restrictions are truly put into place to keep your teen safer as they gain driving experience.

Real numbers show that teen deaths decreased in a large percentage after this program was put in place. Licensed teen drivers cannot have passengers under the age or 21 in the vehicle for the first 6 months unless a parent or other licensed adult driver is in the vehicle.

If after the first six months you feel your teen is responsible enough to drive unsupervised with friends, he or she may do so with only one passenger under the age of 21 in the front seat. Siblings and medical emergencies are exceptions.