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ABATE - MC Training

Motorcycle Training Courses are offered through ABATE of Colorado. 

You need to bring your street legal bike:

(Bike must have the following)

DOT approved tires         Brakes

Head Lamp                    Muffler

Tail Lamp                       Mirror

Stop Lamp                     Horn

Insurance                      Registration

In & Out Driving School provides Third Party Skills Testing for two and three wheel motorcycles.

We also have written "permit" testing available to obtain your permit. You can take the permit test Monday thru Friday between 9AM and 4PM no appointment needed. 

We currently do the skills testing at our Glenwood Springs Location. You must have your State of Colorado Motorcycle Learners permit in hand before you can complete the skills test.

To complete the skills test please make an

appointment and then bring you permit and driver license and the following with you:

Helmet, must be DOT approved.
Eye protection, regular eyeglasses or sunglasses.
Sturdy full length, non flared, pants.
Sturdy (rubber soled) boots or shoes that cover the ankle.

You must have your Driver License as well as MC permit in hand.

​FEE -- $70 for MC skills test

​$20 for permit test - (written test)

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