If you miss a class you can make the same day up at any location!!! ALL CLASSES REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF EIGHT STUDENTS.​

You must pre register with the DMV prior to the start of the class. To do this follow the link. This will take about 10 minutes and the DMV does not ask for any payments at this time. When redirected, choose apply for driver license. When completed we will need the confirmation code that is given to you. Please bring with you on the first day of class.


The class is made up of instruction, question and answer, interaction and videos. The student is evaluated by taking unit exams. Sections are covered in detail and include:

The Driver - Responsibilities & No Accidents - Signs, Signals and Markings
Vehicle Operation - Vehicle Maneuvering
Managing Risk & IPDE Effects of Driver Condition and Safe Driving
Alcohol and Other Influences Distracted Driving
The Law of Physics and Driver Control - Safely Negotiating Intersections
Sharing the Roadway Driving in Adverse Conditions
Handling Emergencies - Driving in City Traffic
Driving in Rural Areas - Driving on Highways

Current Colorado laws and regulations.


-30 hour State approved Classroom Course - $ 250.00

-6 Hour Behind the Wheel (BTW) - $425.00

Road Test - $70.00


If you take our 30 hour class then we offer the following discount:

6 Hour Behind the Wheel for returning student $325.00

Road Test for Returning Student $60 (If you used us for entire program)

****​If you miss a class you can make the same day up at any location!!! ALL CLASSES REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF EIGHT STUDENTS.​

30 Hour Class - Age 14.6 to 15.6

Your teen may take the 30 hour class at 14 years and 6 month old. Class certificate is good for 180 days. So you must get your permit within that time.
If student is 14 years 11 months of age or older, the State written test is included with class. If student takes the class and is under 14.11 months they can take the State written test when they reach the correct age (contact our office when 14.11). 
Your teen can not get their permit until they are 15 years old.

The learners permit must be held for one year. During this year, a log of driving hours must be logged. 40 daytime and 10 night time hours. These hours must be completed with a Colorado licensed driver 21 years of age or older and they must be a signer on the Affidavit of liability waiver (DMV form). You must also complete 6 hours of in car (Behind the wheel) instruction with a certified driving school. BTW instruction is discounted if you take our 30 hr class.

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