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Road Testing is Available in Glenwood Springs - Monday thru Friday 9am to 3pm (days fill up so appointment recommended). Gypsum (by appointment only) Silt (by appointment only) and Parachute (by appointment only). You will need a Driving Permit to test. If you have interlock you will need the vehicle with interlock installed. We schedule Road tests by phone only.

Behind the wheel (In car) Instruction (lessons) is  by appointment only. Please fill out appropriate online form.

Our priority is teenage lessons at this time. You must have a Colorado permit for lessons.

If you are taking a permit test you will need either a Colorado State issued ID or a pre registration code from the DMV.


Need a Driver Awareness class for Court? We have a program that is accepted by local courts. Click for information.

IN PERSON Classroom for Teens age 15.6 +

IN PERSON Classroom for Teens age 14.6 to 15.6 


Driver Education, Road Testing, Behind the Wheel Instruction, Classroom Instruction

Call to schedule  - 970-319-3525. 

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