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CCW classes are offered on the dates below. Class Start time is 8AM.

CCW - Concealed Carry Classes

Meeker Colorado - November 6th 8AM - Classroom will be at Mountain Valley Bank Community Room. Access is back door near alley.

​$150 fee

ONCE YOU CLICK SUBMIT YOU WILL BE ROUTED TO A PAYMENT SITE. We will need a minimum of 8 attendees.

Do you need to take a class for concealed carry in Colorado?
A handgun training class is required to get a CCW Permit if you have no other valid proof of training in the last 10 years. A training class is essential to learning proper gun handling, safety, storage, and marksmanship techniques. ... In the state of Colorado, You must have a permit to conceal a firearm on your person.

​Upon completion of the CCW Class, you will receive a certificate showing completion of the course. You will need to complete the application with your County and meet their requirements.

​You will need at least 20 rounds of ammunition.